"With a firm hand and a sensitive touch, Soledad led a discussion
on human rights at an important seminar in memory of Anna Lindh.
We are deeply grateful for this."

- Jan Eliasson, Former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations

"Soledad gave a lecture for our 1000 executives on the topic of
‘Playing for a Better World’. She did it with a strong presence and
personal engagement. Soledad is experienced and genuine,
and I would highly recommend her."

- Peter Gustavson, HR Strategic Department, Malmö City

"Thank you so much for the phenomenal effort!
Your presence enlightened everyone to feel as one big community from the very start.
That is exactly what I was hoping for: spark participants' interest
in each other for a fruitful discussion and exchange of ideas.
You were well prepared, with cordiality and humor - amazing."

- Helena Lagercrantz, Project Manager at Nordregio

"Soledad facilitates with great skill and grace. And while her kind and
joyous approach surely lightens the mood in any room, she also manages to
steadily lead the way to a successful conclusion with action points and
a positive way forward established.
Thank you Sol!"

- Caroline Bach, UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency

"I have had the privilege of working with Soledad on multiple occasions
over the past years. Today she is an annual guest at the University College
of Arts, Crafts, and Design (Konstfack) prior to the start of the academic year.
Through a full-day Open Space, more than 200 employees meet and develop
Konstfack in an astonishing way - under Soledad’s professional and inspirational
management. Soledad makes us trust in ourselves and each other.
Reports from the day enables me to prioritize important matters
and learn about concerns. That is priceless!"

- Maria Lantz, Headmaster at Konstfack

"A debate between party leaders requires a lot from a moderator.
Soledad led The Pride Festival’s Party Leader Debate in a creative and
competent way that was greatly appreciated by both the panel
and the audience... "

- Lars Leijonborg, Former Party Leader of the Liberal party (L, then FP)

"Soledad was the perfect moderator for a major panel discussion
on stage at Almedalen with representatives from the big trade unions
and business organizations. She guided the audience between tough questions of
industrial and labor policies in an interesting and engaging way."

- Anders Wallner, Former Environmental Party (MP) Secretary

"Outstanding! I have been to many courses, of which only a few
have had a leader this excellent and knowledgeable.
Soledad is extremely competent. Thank you!"

- Participant, Leadership and Diversity, Botkyrka Municipality

"It was a great pleasure working with such creative professional as Soledad.
She really contributed to a relaxed and constructive working
atmosphere during the conference. She was also essential in the
planning process and I only regret that we didn’t engage
her even earlier in that process."

- Christina Wassholm, Project Coordinator of Stockholm Civil Society Days 2017,
CONCORD Sweden & Sida

"Soledad has an in-depth knowledge of the Convention on the Rights
of the Child. She is a UNICEF supporter and we truly appreciate
her efforts in moderating seminars for us. She always takes the time
to be well prepared and informed for her assignments. She is
humble, direct, and asks clear questions…"

- Emma Schönberg, Child Law Attorney at UNICEF Sweden

"A skilled moderator must be informed, responsive, and inspiring.
Soledad is all of this and more, as she moderates with both
warmth and humor. It doesn't get any better!”

- Hans G Svensson, Head of Public Affairs, Corporate Responsible for CSR, Skandia


Soledad is appreciated and frequently hired facilitator and process manager with great references from different employers such as:

  • Sida
  • Swedish Institute
  • Government Offices
  • RFSL
  • Ben and Jerry’s
  • Fairtrade
  • Vattenfall
  • Volvo
  • Nordregio
  • Swedish Teacher’s Union
  • Unilever
  • Södertörns College
  • Skandia
  • Equality Ombudsman
  • Swedbank
  • Royal Institute of Art (KKH)
  • Anna Lindhs Memorial Fund
  • Miljöpartiet

CEO and founder of the
social enterprise