"... Soledad was an inspirational and knowledgable moderator who ensured an
engaging program. Without her participation, our seminars
would not have been nearly as good as they have now became ... "

- Per Bolund, Minister for Financial Markets in the Government of Sweden

"Soledad facilitates with great skill and grace. And while her kind and
joyous approach surely lightens the mood in any room, she also manages
to steadily lead the way to a successful conclusion with action points and
a positive way forward established.
Thank you Sol!"

- Caroline Bach, UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency

"It was a great pleasure working with such creative professional as Soledad.
She really contributed to a relaxed and constructive working
atmosphere during the conference. She was also essential in the
planning process and I only regret that we didn’t engage
her even earlier in that process."

- Christina Wassholm, Project Coordinator of Stockholm Civil Society Days 2017,
CONCORD Sweden & Sida

"A debate between party leaders requires a lot from a moderator.
Soledad led The Pride Festival’s Party Leader Debate
in a creative and competent way that was greatly
appreciated by both the panel and the audience... "

- Lars Leijonborg, Former Party Leader of the Liberal party (L, then FP)

"A skilled moderator must be informed, responsive, and inspiring.
Soledad is all of this and more, as she moderates with both
warmth and humor. It doesn't get any better!”

- Hans G Svensson, Head of Public Affairs, Corporate Responsible for CSR, Skandia

"With a firm hand and a sensitive touch, Soledad led a discussion
on human rights at an important seminar in memory of Anna Lindh.
We are deeply grateful for this."

- Jan Elisasson, Former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations

"I have had the privilege of working with Soledad on multiple occasions
over the past years. Today she is an annual guest at the University College
of Arts, Crafts, and Design (Konstfack) prior to the start of the academic year.
Through a full-day Open Space, more than 200 employees meet and develop
Konstfack in an astonishing way - under Soledad’s professional and inspirational
management. Soledad makes us trust in ourselves and each other.
Reports from the day enables me to prioritize important matters
and learn about concerns. That is priceless!"

- Maria Lantz, Headmaster at Konstfack

Facilitator and Moderator

Soledad is an experienced and highly appreciated moderator and facilitator. With several leading companies, municipalities, and organizations as clients, Soledad has a proven practice of facilitating a wide range of issues such as children’s rights, sustainable business development, and the future labour market. She manages and facilitates seminars and conferences as well as working groups and collaborations between different stakeholders.

Soledad utilizes specific tools that guarantee her commitment for the on-site holistic performance preparation. The aim is to create an optimal balance by ensuring a trustful, entertaining, and professional atmosphere between the speakers and the audience.

She tailors each event according to specific client’s needs. Soledad often uses inclusive methods that enable different stakeholders to collaborate and is a certified facilitator of methodologies such as Open Space, Future Search and as a MOD educator (diversity and dialogue).

Below you can find media files from several panel debates facilitated by Soledad

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Civil Society Days
Stockholm Civil Society Days 2017SCSD is organized by Sida and CONCORD Sweden
Soledad Moderator
Unicef SverigePanel debate on measures to break social exclusion among children
Soledad Moderator
Seminar on safe and legal routes to EuropeInternational Rescue Committee Seminar
Botkyrka Sustainability ForumConversation with young people, Birgitta Ohlsson, Jan Eliasson and others
Pride 08 - More lesbian role models are neededPanel debate on Pride: "Är homo lika med bög?" provided by JämO
Skarmavbild 2015-11-09 kl. 11.52.21
How do we build sustainable cities of the future?Öresundshuset in Almedalen 2015