"Outstanding! I have been to many courses, and it
is exceptional to have a leader with Soledad's knowledge and skills.
She is extremely competent. Thank you!"

- Participant, Leadership and Diversity, Botkyrka Municipality

"Soledad gave a lecture for our 1000 executives on the topic of
‘Playing for a Better World’. She did it with a strong presence and
personal engagement. Soledad is experienced and genuine,
and I would highly recommend her."

- Peter Gustavson, HR Strategic Department, Malmö City

"Thank you so much for the phenomenal effort! Your presence enlightened
everyone to feel as one big community from the very start.
That is exactly what I was hoping for: to spark participants' interest
in each other for a fruitful discussion and exchange of ideas.
You were well prepared, with cordiality and humor - amazing."

- Helena Lagercrantz, Project Manager at Nordregio

"One of the best course leaders we've had.
She was responsive and led the group in a fantastic way."

- Participant, Diversity Management Training for Staff Managers, Swedbank

Trainer and Lecturer

Soledad’s training and lectures leave no-one unmoved. She shares knowledge and experience in leadership, human rights, inclusion, and social entrepreneurship in a very engaging and enlightening way, according to thousands of participants.
Since unique individuals form the core unit of any system, investments in awareness of personal capacities and perceptions allow systems to unify and grow authentically.
Soledad’s digital training methodology is a fusion of inclusive participatory methods, where theory and practice are combined with value-based exercises, simulations, scenario games, strategic integration, research, case studies, and tools to effectively inspire actions that cause transformation.
Leading lectures and training:
Social entrepreneurship and resilience – the possibilities to transform our world with playful leadership
Dignity to transform through diversity – dismantle and disrupt bias
Lead transformation with human kindness – enrich common growth
Soledad Training
CreativeMorningsMorning seminar about Retoy
Soledad Lecture
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UR ContemporarySmall world citizens who exchange, borrow and create toys
Soledad Lecture
Malmö City Leadership Day Play for a better world!